Your SAFE space to heal


About MINC. Care

In M I N C. CARE, we believe that it is important for us to seek for a safe space to ask ourselves the most important question: HOW AM I DOING?

Too many times, we are suffocated in this fast paced world where we forgot to pause, breath and heal. Hence, we created this safe space for you who are burnout so that you can get out of your stuck point and reignite your passion.


How can you get unstuck?

If you think you’ve been on a rut, or stuck at some point of your life, this is the space for you. You’ll get some practical guidance from our coaches either through joining our email list for free resources or sign up for our 1:1 or group coaching service to explore your inner space.

We believe strongly in teaching practical self-care strategies so that you have the life-long tool to take care of yourself. We’ll always have your back!